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Time to Play

I think it is time to post a postive blog.

This is not easy as i am struggling and all i want to do is hide. We need to have time to play in our busy lives. I think it helps the healing process. The best way to start? Find something you enjoy and I do it. I know ! i can hear you groaning. Easier said then done.Believe me i get it. We can all start doing one small thing every day that we do simply because we enjoy it. We are allowed to have fun and decompress.

I am not sure what i would play. I do not recall most of my childhood so that option is not available. My idea is to take a cue from the children around us. To them everything is new exciting and fun. Children seem to know instinctively how to have fun. It is things that make them smile and laugh. I like to play on the swings and to jump in mud puddles. I really like to find shapes in my crunchy cheese snacks and in the clouds above me. Play does not have to be formal (like sports) but it can be. Painting is good and so is a picnic. Remember Frisbee??? That is play. You play for no reason at all. Well, yes, you play to enjoy and relax. To let all the cares of the world STOP so you can breathe. How do you play? Should we make a list?

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