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Tick Tock, Back Goes The Clock

This has been the hardest blog I have written and I am an author. I was going to talk about the time change and how I am losing an hour of healing time. Then i thought I should be postive and (as a friend said) consider it an hour you did not feel crappy. I could also focus on more sun and warmer temps, yet that time loss weighs heavy on my mind.

In a way, it is a new beginning. Perhaps I could concentrate on doing twice as much to heal to make up for that hour. I have heard (or read or both) that there is no time limit on healing. Well, I want it NOW. I want to fell better NOW. What i want more then anything is to erase the past. I know that is impossible and I have to do the work myself. Yet I feel, at times, I am losing the battle. I could make a check list of what i need to heal ASAP. Time is ticking and I am not getting any younger.

I might also consider that i am losing an hour I did not need. Perhaps it is a sign telling me I cannot have this hour. You have to take a time out. As you can tell I am clueless. And thoughts out there about the missing hour and what it means to you? If anything.

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