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Support Group...Need one ASAP

I have been thinking about the idea to start my own support group for people like us. There is nothing available near me and there are countless days i want to interact with someone who experienced the same trauma as me. And not to swallow in self pity, but to help me realize i am not alone. I feel alone often. Please do not misunderstand me my friends are fantastic, yet i need more. In terms i hear today I need my own tribe and i am sure i am not the only one searching. I get in a good place (emotionally) and feel okay and i even have the energy and excitement to begin a group. Then..shit happens and i am pulled into the pit of depression I know i can make this group work and i know i can help people and they me. It is so frustrating. Why can't i just push through this? I do not know what to do.

Once i begin i am sure the process will move along quickly. There will be bumps and challenges, of this I have not doubt, however given all that i had lived through this does not scare me. I think what i need (and i am very bad at identifying what i need) is support from people who believe in me. I can not handle any negative talk as that will send me into a spiral of self doubt. Constructive feed back is always welcome. I have made plans, outlines for meetings, a contract to sign and even should I serve beverages and pastries? Where do I go from here? Maybe I need a team of cheerleaders who believe in me and will pick me up when I fall down. There is a Muppet song (I am pretty sure) that has come to mind. I am going to quote part of it. It is called "Just One Person"

"and when all those people believe in you,

deep enough and strong enough,

believe in you hard enough and long enough,

It stands to reason you yourself will start to see,

what everybody sees in you.

and Maybe even you can believe in you too."

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