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Rest and Refresh? Me? LOL

We are all fighting difficult battles and are encouraged to take time for ourselves. To rest and refresh our souls and minds and to take a break from the often overwhelming emotions. I am sure this is almost impossible whether because of time constraints, commitments or feelings that we are undeserving these all seem valid reasons. For me, personally I feel i need to be "doing" all time or the guilt meanies attack. I have no idea if my challenge to allow "me" time is due to the aftermath of the abuse or I feel i HAVE to be busy. Busy to keep the sadness at bay or to keep away any possible memory triggers or maybe both.

I want to keep fighting and not let a minute go by that I am not working on my healing. I think i would be told that to rest and refresh is part of the process. Self care is the buzz word I hear around me. I am not sure if i believe i must rest and refresh, but that is the stubborn part of me.

When i do try and take care of myself (and push away the guilt meanies) I do not know exactly what to do. What is the "right" way to do this? I like to read and do crafts, yet I am not sure if that qualifies The most satisfying way to accomplish this is a day at the beach with a picnic lunch all by myself. Sadly I am too far from the shore to make this a weekly event. Yet, again is this good enough? Some people do yoga, color or meditate. Are these okay? and is does the actual action not matter as long as we feel better? Is it as simple as a cup of tea, a book, and some quiet time? What do you do to relax and refresh?

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