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Emergency Kit

I have read about emergency kits, but never seriously considering making one for myself. I am thinking about it now. For me it would be one for my flashbacks due to PTSD and i could also use it for the times when I am so depressed all I can do is cry. I do doubt the ability of a kit to help me when i want to cut, but it is a worth a try.

Now, the big question. What do i include? I have seen many suggetions and it makes me feel alone and like mutant. Many of the ideas would not work for me. For instance I do not like to color and I am not calling anyone. I already feel like a burden and do not want to bother any friend. Writing in a journal makes me feel worse (I have tried this). I can't read as tears block my vision and as for movies I can not concentrate. At times like this i become a zombie and sit and stare into space.

However, I did think of a few items. They are: a new blanket, fun slipper socks, a lavender candle and popcorn. Perhaps a snow globe. I am open to suggestions if anyone has any.

What would you put in your emergency kit?

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