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a little about me and this blog

Hi, My name is Lise and I created this blog to help survivors (and myself) to find the support we so desperately need. There appears to be a void in this area and i want to try and fill part of it. I have never created a blog or opened myself up so completely so I ask for you to be patient with me. I want to make a difference and if I need to rake a huge risk I will. There is no need to share your personal story (unless you feel it will help) as I trust if yo are reading this you have had this trauma in your life.

I will briefly share my story, however, for me, healing is where i focus most of my attention. I was sexually abused from age 8-15 by 5 different men. I was able to forget for almost 20 years which was a blessing as I was able to live my life. When the memories it was with a vengeance. One day I am winning and the next I lost a battle. Yet, I keep fighting.

I struggle with depression, cutting and post traumatic stress disorder and wish, with all my heart, to lend support to other survivors who struggle with any sort of mental health issues. I welcome all survivors to share their thoughts, struggles, hopes and victories (no matter how small). Dreams are also greeted here with open hearts. We can grow and heal together.

One last item I work a full time job and will post Sundays and Wednesdays. If there is interest i will try and add another day. I will check my email and this site daily and respond as promptly as possible. Ib elive we can create a strong and unified community. Thank you

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